Friday, 3 June 2011

Quick snap

On the way to my favorite Burger King in the world. Singapore's Changi Terminal . The whoppers are always fresh tasty and delicious, made even more so because I've usually just gotten off a plane ride from somewhere. Even when my plane arrives/departs from T1 I will still make the journey to T3 just to eat here. Not to say T1 is bad, its just T3 has always been so so good.

Unfortunately they let me down the other morning, it was 6am so they were only serving the breakfast menu. I'm not a fan of fast-food breakfasts unless its pancakes, but the "crosssauntwich" or whatever was horrible, old and just made me feel shit. Serves me right for getting such an early morning connection.

Changi, Terminal 3
On the way home I will have an evening connection, thank god.


  1. Mhhhmmhmm, Whoppers..mhhmm. Darn tasty!

  2. Burger King is so good! Have fun in Singapore